Sinbad is the rogueish hero of Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas (2003).

Sinbad is a thief by trade, but finds his professional life more complicated when he's trying to steal the Book of Peace, an important political artifact, and it's being protected and transported by Proteus, his childhood best friend. Sinbad tries to steal it anyway, but soon both parties have to fight a giant squid, and Sinbad only just gets away without the book. Sinbad and his crew crash the celebration for Proteus's return, where Sinbad sees Marina, a girl he loves desperately, and who is soon to be engaged to Proteus. Sinbad leaves, but Eris, the goddess of chaos and discord, for purposes of her own, impersonates Sinbad and steals the Book of Peace, framing the sailor. Sinbad is caught and imprisoned, and despite his constant refusal that he had anything to do with it, he is sentenced to execution. Proteus, trusting that Sinbad is telling the truth, offers to take his place in prison to give Sinbad a chance to retrieve the book and bring it back. Sinbad is sure he's going to take advantage of his newfound freedom to retire to Fiji and never return, but Marina stows away to make sure he follows through. Sinbad, Marina and the crew go on a journey across the seas, battling monsters like a giant sea creature, a massive arctic bird, a group of watery sirens, and even each other. In the end, Sinbad and Marina encounter Eris in her realm of destruction, and she offers Sinbad the book if he returns to take his place and be executed, saving Proteus. She's sure he'll fail, but when he proves her wrong by returning, and nearly having his head cut off, Eris has to give in, her beautiful plans failed by the strength of human character and integrity. Sinbad gives up Marina, but finds her on his ship. Proteus has given her up to Sinbad, realizing how they belong together. Slightly more complicated than he lets on, Sinbad's not ALL bad, and shows his true colors in what might have been his final hour.

Sinbad is voiced with swagger and to rugged perfection by Brad Pitt.

Sinbad has a complicated lovelife, as he's quite in love with Marina (voiced by Catherine Zeta-Jones), the beautiful fiancee of his childhood best friend, Proteus (voiced by Joseph Fiennes). Marina comes on the voyage to ensure Sinbad keeps his end of his deal, and in doing so finds herself falling in love with him.
Eris, goddess of discord (voiced silkily and sultrily by Michelle Pfeiffer) is more than just a lover of mischief. She has an elaborate plan to bring down the entire civilization of man, and Sinbad is just a pawn in her grand scheme.
How do I feel about this seldom-discussed film?

You can read more about my thoughts on this film on Proteus's page, but I definitely have a thing or two to say regarding the title character. Sinbad is a sort of bad guy, but his heart is definitely more pure than he would ever let on. The fact that he proves Eris wrong by returning, even without the Book of Peace says volumes about his integrity and honor. He puts on a strong face of rogueishness, but he has a relative heart of gold inside. This film is excellent, one of the best films of the year it was released, I always thought (even and especially up against the good, but vastly overrated Pirates of the Caribbean, which was released the same summer). The characters are colorful, their interactions are interesting to watch, and the issues they face feel real. It's a vibrant and exciting film, and I'm sorry it didn't do better in the box office (see theory 1). I love how the plot is complex and involved, and Eris's plan is so intricately detailed, and the themes about integrity and the power of the human heart. I was seriously concerned when Sinbad was nearly executed. I felt for these characters, and that's great moviemaking.

Pictures of the master thief

A drawing I did of the rascal

Quotes from Sinbad

Proteus: It's my responsibility to bring the Book of Peace safely to Syracuse.
Sinbad: See, now I just feel bad, 'cause you're gonna get fired.

Sinbad: And you are?
Eris: Eris, the goddess of discord. You may have seen my likeness on the temple walls.
Sinbad: You know, they don't do you justice.

Eris: He's so cute. And so gullible.
Kale: What happened down there?
Sinbad: You wouldn't believe me if I told you.
Kale: Try me.
Sinbad: Okay, here goes. So I meet Eris, the goddess of discord? She's got a major crush on me, and she invited me back to her place.

Proteus: Do you have any idea how serious this is?
Sinbad: Do you have any idea how many times I've heard that today?

Sinbad: Look, this is the way it works. First, I actually commit a crime, *then* you get to blame me for it!

Kale: Fiji?
Sinbad: Think of the beaches!
Kale: Beautiful - if you like mosquitoes.
Sinbad: Think of the sun!
Kale: It's monsoon season!
Sinbad: The women, then!
Kale: They're cannibals there.
Sinbad: Exactly!

Marina: Are you sure...
Sinbad: Yes, we have done this kind of thing before, no, there is no other way, and yes, you do have my permission to stand there quietly and receive a free lesson in sailing.

Sinbad: Who's bad? Sinbad!

(About Marina)
Sinbad: How can one woman do so much damage?

Marina: Knife, please.
Sinbad: Oh, right, like I'd give you a weapon.

(Everyone is seasick from being towed in the wake of a giant fish)
Sinbad: Whose idea was that again?
Marina: I don't know... but he owes me lunch.

(Going to rescue Marina from a giant bird, muttering to himself)
Sinbad: She couldn't see the bird? Everyone else saw it. It's as big as the freaking ship! Marina? Marina is looking the other way.

Marina: So, how do we get down?
Sinbad: I don't know. (She glares at him) I don't know yet.
Marina: You scaled a thousand-foot tower of ice, and you don't know how to get down?
Sinbad: Hey, if you'd rather take your chances by yourself, that can be arranged!

Sinbad: Pray to the gods. We may be meeting them soon.

Sinbad: This has to be a little embarrassing for you, Eris.
Eris: Don't push your luck. You're cute. You're not that cute.

Marina: You came to rescue me?
Sinbad: Well - yes, if that's what you want to call it. But this is going to cost you another diamond. Rescues are not part of the usual tourist package.

Sinbad: A sword at my throat... (points to throat) at my chest (points to chest)... at my... (points towards his groin)
(quick cut to sailor, emerging from below with food supplies)
Sailor: Pickles and eggs!!

Sinbad: (Sinbad punches Rat off screen) Great. I'm getting etiquette lessons from a bilge rat.

Sinbad: Well, at least I'm not repressed!...

Sinbad: Hey, I've met the high class pretty boys you hang out with... I'm the ONLY man you've ever met...

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